Providing qualified individuals with affordable housing and resources to assist in their personal growth


Steps To Success

Steps to Success is a voluntary employment and savings incentive program designed to assist families and individuals in becoming economically independent and self-sufficient.

Participants work closely with the program Coordinator to develop an Individual Action Plan and establish goals. A contract is signed by the participant, indicating their commitment to work toward goals and be an active participant of Steps To Success.

The escrow account (savings) is often established due to an increase in earned income. As rent goes up because of an increase in income, the difference between the previous rent and the new adjusted rent is deposited into an escrow account. For example, if previous rent was $50 and the rent increases to $300 due to employment or/and increase in pay, approximately $250 is deposited into an escrow account every month. The result is $3,000 saved over a 12 month period. Five years of savings could be used to pay off debts or to put a down payment on a home or car!



  • 18 years of age or older
  • AND Motivated to make a change!

If interested in the Steps for Success program, contact Pam Baumgardner at 309-852-2801