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Effective Immediately: all new leaseholders will be prohibited from smoking indoors, including apartments. Smoking cessation support is offered courtesy of the Henry County Health Dept. Call Nat at 309-852-2801 for more information.

Applications Accepted: We are currently accepting applications for all developments. Click on Locations for detailed information, or call 309-852-2801

February 18th: [Lincoln House] (5:30 pm) Chili Soup Supper

February 19th: President's Day - Offices Closed

February 20th: [Washington Apartments] (2 pm) Tenant Council Mtg

February 21st: [Lincoln House] (6:30 pm) Bunco

February 21st: [Washington Apartments] (5 pm) Potluck

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The Housing Authority of Henry County is an Illinois municipal corporation formed pursuant to state law. Board members are appointed by the County Board Chairman for a five year term. Board members serve in a volunteer capacity, and spend many hours in meetings to set policy for the housing authority, establish budgets, and provide for the staffing of a housing authority Executive Director. The Executive Director is in charge of managing the day to day operation of the housing authority. This includes, but is not limited to, the implementing board policies; hiring, dismissal, promotion, and demotion of appropriate staff; preparing budgets and reports; and ensuring the housing authority complies with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws.

Housing Authority Board

Jan May -- Chairman
Paul Lindsey -- Vice-Chairperson
Carol VanDeRostyne -- Secretary/Treasurer
Tim Nimrick -- Commissioner
Walter Sizemore -- Resident Commissioner
John Hanson -- Board Attorney

Henry County Housing Development Group, Inc. (HCHDG)

HCHDG is the non-profit organization within the Housing Authority of Henry County. It was formed in April 2003. HCHDG manages Countryside Apartments in Geneseo, Illinois, a part of the USDA Rural Development Program and also owns Parkside Apartments in Kewanee, Illinois.

Board Members of HCHDG

Paul Lindsey -- Chairman
Christine Ahlstrand -- Vice Chairperson
Jan May -- Secretary/Treasurer
Ben Canter -- Board Member

History of Housing Authority of Henry County

The Housing Authority of Henry County was established on July 19, 1939. The first Board of Commissioners was: Arthur Cook, C.E. Humphrey, Philip Adler, Joseph VanHyfte, J.B. McHugh and Attorney W.C. Ewan. The first project, Fairview Apartments, consisting of 125 units was built in 1940. These were 1-2-3 and 4 bedroom family and elderly units.

In September 1940, Mr. E.A. Schneider was employed as CEO and Miss Katherine Moore was employed as cashier and bookkeeper. In 1952, the addition of 50 apartments was built at the site of Fairview Apartments as well as 12 Apartments in the west part of Kewanee, named Knox Apartments. No additions were made until the year 1970, when the first Hi-Rise for elderly citizens was built. This was a 51 unit complex in the City of Galva, Illinois, named Lincoln House. These were efficiency and 1 bedroom units.

In 1972, a 74 unit Hi-Rise for elderly was built in Kewanee, which was named Washington Apartments, also consisting of efficiency and 1 bedroom apartments. A third Hi-Rise was built in 1973 in Geneseo, Illinois consisting of 63 efficiency and 1 bedroom units. This complex was named Maple City Apartments.

In 1984, the Housing Authority again built a Hi-Rise for elderly in Kewanee, having 50 units and was named Hollis House. At the same time a 44 unit family complex was built at the east edge of Kewanee on Lake Street. This was named Lakeland Terrace and has 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units.

In addition to this, there are 176 families in Henry County who are recipients of a Section 8 Housing Certificate, issued by the Housing Authority of Henry County, enabling them to receive rental assistance in private housing in Henry County. The Housing Authority of Henry County was an early Housing Organization, meeting the needs of a largely rural area. This foresight and commitment has been carried out by the Commissioners throughout the past 66 years. A large number of community leaders and professional people in the County remember their home at Fairview and other housing provided through these Programs. A stable housing environment has created a social climate for good community values. Ed. A. Schneider served as the first CEO until 1975 representing 35 years of Service. Angela Hathaway is the current CEO. Under her leadership and guidance the Housing Authority of Henry County continues to grow and meet the needs for housing throughout the entire county.

Housing Authority of Henry County, Illinois - 125 N Chestnut St., Kewanee IL 61443 - PH 309-852-2801 - Fax 309-852-0889